Tuesday, April 8, 2008

OPENING DAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

This was a very exciting day!!! Our restaurant "Moon Bay" opened on March 31 and this was the opening culinary team. Once again, I am standing next to the Executive Chef, Duane Keller, and we were soooooo excited!!! Our food is fabulous, the patrons are in awe, and our "STARS" are awesome! I am currently working in what we call the "pantry" and that is the salad and dessert area. Who knew how technical salad could be???!!! I am still having a blast and learning a lot!! The people that I have been given the pleasure of working with are so talented, have so much vision and drive and it is so inspiring to see and hear their ideas and goals. Chef Keller is a perfectionist at his craft, and we strive to give him perfection in all that we do.
We only served about 75 people our first night, but the patrons are coming in steadily and our numbers continue to grow. The last few days we have done 200-300 lunches and even more dinners and they are still coming in!! It is very exciting.
I had the wonderful honor of meeting Chef Keller's wife and I have to tell you that that meant a lot to me. It was truly an honor to know that Chef likes me well enough to introduce me to her. I am sure that it is mostly due to my posts about my job, but whatever the reason, it was a great honor and made me feel really good about who I am and what I have been doing. I know that I am in a good place, and have made the best choice I could, as far as employment goes.
Again, I cannot stress enough, how great Gaylord Entertainment is to be a part of. If you want to find a wonderful, fun job, where your talents and ideas actually mean something, find a Gaylord facility near you and do whatever you can to join this fabulous community. They are constantly expanding, always looking for more "STARS" and want to give you the best they can offer.
Anyway, just wanted to share this picture, and my excitement, and encourage you to find a place you can honestly love and call "home". Take care and I will write more later!!!!


kids money said...

good luck on your job, i hope your be a goood example in your restaurant and by the way i like the name of your company.

Reiki said...

nice to share this one here..congrats..do well and all the best..thanks for sharing here with us.

Reviews said...

I love the way you write and also the theme on your blog. Did you code this yourself or was it done by a professional? I'm very very impressed.

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