Saturday, March 8, 2008

This Is A "Must See"

This is my friend, Darrel Day. He is an author, a song writer, and one of the most sensitive people I know. His blog, "Things I know About..." is an incredible look into the life of a man who has lived through, and survived, a devastating disease that ravaged the love of his life.

He talks about the struggles, the lessons he's learned, the love that he was blessed with, and so much more. He is living proof that trials can be survived, and not just by waking up every morning, but by continuing to live, and learn.

His story, and the wonderful way he shares his experiences, is an inspiration to many. The depth with which he loved, and was loved in return, should serve as an example to any one who takes the time to read what he has gone through.

I highly recommend, and suggest that you visit, this site. It is a true miracle for everyone.

1 Comment:

ettarose said...

I too am in love with this man. He truly makes you "see" what he lived. Very good post about a wonderful man.

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