Friday, February 22, 2008

Just Some Random Thoughts

Today is Friday and the weather is horrible. Freezing rain and it's very, very cold out. I am going stir crazy and so are the boys. Being 2 and 3 they have a hard time understanding why they cannot go outside to play. So, needless to say...they are terrorizing the whole house. It is amazing how loud they can be :) I took some pictures of them so I could show them off here, but I can't seem to get them uploaded to the computer. I will figure it out and get them up soon. Michael, my 3 year old, loves to be upside down. I haven't figured out why, but he just loves it. His little brother, John, tries very hard, to keep up with Michael and follows him everywhere. Watching him try to go upside down has been very entertaining.
I have been thinking about trying to get them enrolled in a daycare or something, but I have to wait until my new job starts, which I am very excited about. However, there are things in my life that may prevent me from staying with this job and that both worries and saddens me. I've waited a long time for an opportunity like this, for my career, and yet, I have waited even longer for the opportunities that are presenting themselves in my personal life. It is a hard thing to try to deal with and I keep wondering why I can't ever seem to get the things I want at the same time, and the same place.
Anyway, just thought I would ramble on for a bit. If there is anything you would like to see here or a particular topic you would like to discuss, just let me know. I really would like to have my readers participate...Thanks for listening...Charlie


Becky said...

My 2 yr old is the same way! He tries so hard to keep up with his older brothers...6 and 5 now! It's fun to watch him run around the house trying to run with them!

Charlie Wolfe said...

Thanks for visiting! Kids are great!

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