Monday, February 25, 2008


Have you ever wondered what a woman, carrying triplets, might look like? Well, this is me, the day I delivered triplets, as a surrogate mother, back in February of 2000.

This was taken about 20 minutes before they were delivered. There were 2 girls, and 1 boy. The boy was the biggest, weighing in at 6lbs 8oz, the girls each weighed 5lbs 5oz and 5lbs 6oz. There was a lot of baby!

This was the second set of triplets I carried. The first set was all girls and they were delivered in January 1998. They were much smaller than this second set, the largest being 4lbs 4oz. The first set was delivered at 34 weeks gestation and the second set was delivered at 361/2 weeks gestation.

I was living is San Diego, CA during my surrogate days and both sets were delivered at Sharp Mary Birch Hospital For Women and both sets were delivered by an awesome obstetrician, Dr. Gary Blake. He was very attentive, and had a wonderful bedside manner. I would not have delivered these babies with any other physician.

This particular day was actually very stressful. I had a nurse who came to my home about 3 times a week to do fetal non-stress tests to make sure they were all doing okay. This day, she told me that she wanted to send me to the hospital so they could monitor things, because her equipment wasn't working correctly. So, I go to the hospital, expecting to just be monitored for a few hours and the nurse in the E.R. department informed me that I did not need to be monitored, I needed to deliver these babies. I was in labor, contracting every 2 minutes! The nurse at my home lied to me, because she didn't want me to panic. I was very upset about the whole situation, because it was not like I hadn't done all of this before. Unfortunately, I was not aware of the fact that I was in labor. I was not feeling any contractions and had no idea. It was very different than any of my other pregnancies and I was terribly offended that I had been deceived.

Anyway, I just wanted to share this photo and a little bit of my own story with you and hope that it will help bring a better light to surrogacy, as a whole. I will write more later...Charlie



Paula said...

Wow surrogacy! I am so impressed. You are so strong and such a blessing. I am intrigued by surrogacy...but its just so complex. Look forward to hearing more about your experiences..and thank you for the good you have done!

Charlie Wolfe said...

Well, thank you so much for the comment! I loved being a surrogate and would do it again, in a heart beat, but my doctors have advised me not to. Trying to carry another baby could end up killing me, so now I just get to relive it, as often as possible.
Thanks again!

Tamara Johnson said...

As a woman with an 18 year history of infertility, I wish to say thank you for your vicarious gift! I love your blog! Look at mine and see if we can collaborate on something . . .
Much Love,

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